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Metal Fabrication for Commercial Installations


Our 35 years experience well qualifies us to take on any Custom Fabrication and welding project. We can work with most any type of materials, mostly aluminum and steel, meeting your specific design criteria. Your project will be treated with the same high quality standards we require for our signs and awnings.

Metal Fabrication Products

Our Custom Fabrication team is comprised of the most experienced craftsmen in our shop. Through the years, we have helped to redefine the standards in the industry time and time again because of our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Architectural Grilles

Architectural Grilles are a great way to create a visual barrier while also maintaining the architectural design of your building.  Grilles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.  Architectural Grilles can be structural or decorative and can be mounted to almost any structure.

Architectural Louvers

Architectural Louvers are a great alternative to typical sunshade or canopy options.  Louvers are typically open and allow light to filter through, and when mounted vertically can also serve as an alternative privacy wall.  They are very industrious in design and are a great Architectural Embellishment to add to any project.

Ornamental Railings and Structurs

Ancient Mariner also provides various decorative Ornamental Railings and structures.  Ornamental railings are a custom and unique embellishment to add to any upscale or specialty project.  Ornamental structures are also a great way to define entrances, courtyards, or other specialty areas you want to make a statement with. Our team is fully capable in assisting in design, fabrication, and finish options.

Metal Fabrication Projects


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