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Commercial Signage fabrication & installation


Commercial Signage is an important aspect to every business. Whether you need custom Illuminated Channel Letters, an LED Message Center, wayfinding signage or interior ADA signs, Ancient Mariner is your solution. 

Our project management team is fully equipped to handle your project through concept, design, permitting, fabrication, and installation phases. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Commercial Signage Options

We can design, fabricate and install a wide range of signage options for any commercial project. We provide solutions for all interior and exterior signage needs whether you need a large LED Board or custom ADA signage.  We can fit most any budget, our only limit is your imagination.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a very common way to display a business name. Channel letters can be fabricated into the exact shape and styles of any logo. Depending on complexity, channel letters can fit most any budget by using different styles and fabrication techniques.

Recommended for:
Restaurants & Retail shops

ADA Braille Signs

ADA Signs are required in all public buildings and spaces.  Our ADA Signs are code compliant and can be customized to meet any design criteria imaginable, incorporating logos, perforated panels, aluminum frames, and much much more.

Recommended for:  K-12 Schools & Universities, Hospitals, Government Buildings

LED Board

LED Boards are a great way to communicate with the public. They allow various messages and announcements to be displayed during a preset schedule. They can also accept Live Video feed for sports events, and display color ads and photos. LED boards come in various sizes and can fit most any budget. 

Recommended for:  Retail Developments, Sports Centers, K-12 Schools & Universities

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters can be custom cut or formed to match any shape, text, or logo.  Made from aluminum and acrylic, dimensional letters are a great cost effective way to display any business name.

Recommended for:  Interior & Exterior Low Cost Signage Needs

Monument & Pylon Signs

Monument Signs provide a great solution for eye-catching site identification. They can be custom fabricated to any size, and can accommodate routed copy & dimensional letters, and also has options for internal illumination.

Recommended for:
Commercial Offices & Buildings, Schools

Directories & Wayfinding Signage

Using Wayfinding Signage is a great way to direct the public into different areas of your facility. Wayfinding signage is customized to fit your needs, and used in conjunction with directories to help your customers find their way.

Recommended for:  Hospitals, Sporting Venues, Malls & Parking Garages


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